About Webuildhomes

WeBuildHomes was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 based on the idea that residential development and construction needed a fundamental change and an innovative approach. The aim is to achieve better design and durability whilst offering customers a full choice in defining their ideal home. To reach these goals WeBuildHomes has set out to redefine the basics of the design and construction processes. We utilize the latest digital process management combined with prefab manufacturing to ensure high efficiency in the processes. WeBuildHomes realizes single family homes as well as apartment buildings. 

You choose, we build

Just imagine being able to select your own, personal, architect designed dream house. Sustainable house at an affordable price and with low energy bills. Is that really possible? It is at WeBuildHomes. We believe that everyone is entitled to great architecture, personal style and optimal layout; all at the price of an ordinary terraced house. WebuildHomes is an online portfolio packed with unique houses, designed by different architects. All you need do is select your dream home and we’ll make sure it is built for you. It really can be that simple.

Customised architecture at an affordable price
How does it work? WeBuildHomes enables architects to create house designs using a building block box of components. We then place all these unique designs in the online WeBuildHomes portfolio. From the online library you select a house that matches your housing preferences, taste and budget. We then build the house for you at a guaranteed fixed, affordable price. The costs are kept low with the predetermined building blocks, efficient process management and latest building technologies. In this way you buy a unique house for the price of an ordinary terraced house.

No energy bills?
For WeBuildHomes, sustainability is important. All WeBuildHomes houses are highly energy efficient; this benefits the environment, but also your wallet, as you’ll pay little, or even no, energy costs. The houses in our portfolio are subdivided into three energy categories: Energy Efficient (A+++), Energy Neutral and Net Zero Energy. To briefly explain:

  • Energy Efficient (A+++)

If you select an Energy Efficient rated house your heating costs will amount to a quarter of those of an average house from the 1970s. That’s quite some saving! Source: www.kiesbewustnieuwbouw.nl.

  • Energy Neutral

A Energy Neutral house goes one step further. A house with a Energy Neutral rating generates enough solar energy to be comfortably warm. This creates a house with a healthy interior climate and excellent ventilation.

  • Net Zero Energy

A Net Zero Energy house means no energy bills. Net Zero Energy rated houses even generates extra energy above average household consumption. This is made possible with an intelligent appliance system combined with innovative add-ons, for example: a high insulating rating, triple glazing, the use of solar panels and an air-water heat pump

Always know your energy consumption
Your energy consumption also depends on your lifestyle of course. Are you curious as to how you can save more on energy? WeBuildHomes is glad to help you by offering the Wattcher with each house, free of charge. This energy monitor indicates the electricity consumption for the entire house. It allows you to immediately see where savings can be made. Using the Wattcher Online you can keep an eye on your gas and electricity consumption and can make comparisons. By following the practical Wattcher tips you can save an additional 10-20% on your energy bills.

Sustainable housing
We work sustainably. This means that during the design and building phases of a house we consciously think about the environment as well as the welfare of its future occupants. For example, we work with as many environmentally-friendly materials as possible and separate and recycle all building waste. As such we contribute towards sustainable residential building in the Netherlands.

Just 24 weeks build time
If you buy a WeBuildHomes house you’ll undergo just 24 weeks of anticipation, as this is all it takes to build our houses. You’ll be able to move in before you know it! This short build time is made possible because we assemble WeBuildHomes houses on the build site, like a Meccano set. Everything fits perfectly as the house is constructed using a 3D computer model. Not only the the building time is shorter, future maintenance will be kept to a minimum with the 3D modeling.

Premium quality, optimum living comfort
WeBuildHomes house offers high quality and comfort level for its inhabitants. We position an anchorless cavity wall between the houses, which reduces neighbourly noise. We also ensure a fresh air supply into the home. Moreover, the Zero Energy and Energy Plus houses have under-floor heating in every space. Now that’s what we call comfortable living.

Favourable financing terms
WeBuildHomes team guides you through the entire selection and buying process. In partnership with Triodos Bank we can offer a comprehensive financing process when you opt to buy a WeBuildHomes house. This is made possible because our houses boast excellent energy ratings as standard. Our account manager at the Triodos Bank will inform you of their decision on your financing application within four weeks. We are delighted to be able to offer you this service; however, you are of course at liberty to organise your own financing elsewhere. Please contact us for more details!

Woningborg warranty and security regulation
Of course, when building your house we only work with trusted contractors. So as to exclude any risk and to preclude any uncertainties, we are affiliated with the Woningborg warranty and security regulation. This regulation protects you, the house buyer, should the building process not proceed according to plan. Would you like to know more? If so, please visit the Woningborg warranty and security regulation website for further information.